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Japanese Shoyu (Soy Sauce Flavored) Ramen

Speaking of noodles in Japan, it is impossible not to mention Ramen noodles. Ramen is considered the most popular type of noodle in Japan. In 1937, the ramen craze spread throughout the country of the rising sun. Although appearing later than other famous noodles such as soba, udon, somen… but Ramen still play an important role representing Japanese cuisine. The three main flavors of ramen are soy sauce (shoyu), salt (shio), and bone broth (tonkotsu).

The most quintessential feature of the bowl of noodles lies in the broth. The broth of Ramen noodles is the perfect combination of Dashi (broth cooked from fish, dried fish shavings, kelp, sardines…). Therefore, Ramen broth contains a lot of nutrients, especially collagen. Enjoying this dish, you will feel the sophistication of Japanese cuisine from the delicious chewy noodles tightly intertwined in a rich broth and a variety of side dishes including Sukiyaki marinated eggs.

Dashi Lab has combined special ingredients to create a Japanese Dashi-flavored broth called “Happo Dashi”, thereby creating Japanese Soy Sauce Flavored Ramen quickly and conveniently.


(For 2 people)

  • Japanese Premium Happo Dashi                             80g
  • Sukiyaki Marinated eggs (a separate recipe)          1 egg
  • Ramen noodles                                                          2 pcs
  • Boneless chicken thigh                                              100g
  • Water                                                                        500g
  • Corn                                                                        1/3 pc
  • Bok choy                                                                6 leaves
  • Shiitake mushroom                                                   50g
  • Enoki mushroom                                                        50g
  • Leek                                                                        ½ pc


  1. Prepare vegetables:
    Boil corn, bok choy, mushrooms, then remove and soak in cold water.
    Leek: green part sliced ​​diagonally, white part sliced.
  2. Prep the chicken: Sauté the chicken with a little oil until golden brown to add attractiveness.
  3. Boil the noodles: Put the noodles into boiled water, then take them out, wash them with water and drain. Avoid leaving it for too long as the noodles will lose their chewiness after 2-3 minutes.
  4. Make noodle broth: Boil 500g of water and 80g of Happo Dashi broth to make noodle broth. (the ratio can be adjusted according to taste)
  5. Put the boiled noodles in a bowl. Arrange bok choy, mushrooms, pan-fried chicken, and Sukiyaki marinated eggs in half on top of the noodles. Leek put on top. Finally, add the cooked broth to the bowl and complete the Japanese Soy Sauce Ramen!


  • Chicken broth or bone broth (instead of water) can be used to enhance the naturally Umami flavor.

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