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Pan-Fried Saba Fish with Kabayaki Sauce

The saba fish has a lot of lean white meat, low fat, fatty taste and good aroma, contains many healthy nutritional ingredients. Fried, grilled, steamed, braised dishes with Saba fish are all delicious and irresistible. Today, Dashi Lab will introduce to you “SPan-fried Saba Fish with Kabayaki Sauce” –  firm fatty fish meat with characteristic aroma, mixed with iridescent brown sweet sauce, served with hot rice, simply delicious!



(For 3 people)

  • 200g Saba fish        
  • 200 ml Sake     
  • 50g Potato starch    
  • 50 ml Cooking Oil           
  • 100g Dashi Lab’s Kabayaki Sauce
  • A little Salt          
  • A little Roasted sesame     


  1. Cut fish into suitable serving size
  2. Remove fish odors: Sprinkle salt on cut Saba and leave for 10-15 minutes until moisture is released, rinse with Sake and wipe off any remaining water with a paper towel
  3. Cover the whole fish with a thin layer of potato starch
  4. In a pan of oil, fry both sides of fish until golden
  5. Once the saba is evenly cooked, wipe off excess oil from the pan.
  6. Add Kabayaki sauce and cook until the sauce thickens and coats the fish
  7. Place the fish on a plate, sprinkle some roasted sesame seeds on top
  8. Enjoy with steamed rice, miso soup and pickles.


  • Cooking oil: Be careful not to use palm oil because it will overpower the smell of the dish.
  • Removing the fish odor will help the dish not be fishy and become more delicious
  • Using potato flour will make the fish more crispy when fried as well as make the sauce absorbs more evenly and has higher viscosity


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