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Takikomi Gohan (Japanese Mixed Rice)

Japanese-style Chicken and Mushroom Rice (Takikomi Gohan 炊き込みご飯) is one of the most popular dishes loved by Japanese families. Plain rice combined with many ingredients such as chicken, mushrooms, vegetables in one pan is super delicious! Plus it’s convenient and quick to make.

Ingredients are simple, common, and easy to find, available in the market such as rice, chicken and vegetables.

Dashi Lab’s Premium Happo Dashi that goes well with Japanese Sukiyaki sauce can create a rich and rich flavor that is characteristic of Takikomi Gohan Chicken and Mushroom Rice.



(For 4 people)

  • Rice                                                                   200g
  • Shiitake mushroom                                           a few pieces
  • Shimeji mushroom                                           ½ box
  • Carrot                                                                ½ pc
  • Chicken breast                                                 300g
  • Corn                                                                  ½ pc

*Phần nước sốt

  • Water                                                                  500 ml
  • Premium Happo Dashi                                    34g
  • Sukiyaki Sauce                                                17g


  1. Prep the materials:
    Shiitake mushroom: cut off stem, thinly sliced ​​0.5cm
    Shimeji mushroom: separated into strands
    Carrots: cut into 1 x 1 (cm) cubes
    Corn: split kernels
  2. Prepare the chicken: Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Marinate with Japanese Sukiyaki sauce for 15 minutes.
  3. Making Sauce: Mix Sukiyaki Sauce and Happo Dashi in a ratio of 1:2.
  4. Cook rice:
    Rinse rice with cold water until clean.
    Place the rice, water, and sauce mixture in the rice cooker.
    Place the vegetables in the pot in the following order: Carrot, Corn, Mushroom, Chicken. Turn on the cooker for about 30 minutes.
  5. When the rice is cooked, stir the rice in the pot. Present the rice in a bowl or bowl. Garnish the rice with black pepper, onions, and coriander.

Takikomi Gohan Chicken & Mushroom Rice is easy to cook, delicious, and nutritious for the whole family to eat!

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