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Japanese Kabayaki Sauce


“Japanese’s secret for delicious grilled eel, fish, meat.” 




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“Kabayaki” is a traditional Japanese dish usually using Eel to grill on charcoal with “Kabayaki Sauce”. Nowadays in Japan, since Eel is becoming scarce, many substitutes of Eel are being used, such as Saba, Saury, Sardine or even Pork and Chicken.

Dashi Lab’s Kabayaki sauce is designed to create the rich flavor of dark soy sauce with Umami from Kombu. This flavor and aroma can be well developed at the heating/grilling stage. Also, heating will create a shiny/glossy appearance with thickened viscosity that can coat fish or food well to give an appetizing appearance.

Nowadays, many Basa processing factories in Vietnam are developing Basa Kabayaki for exporting markets, such as the USA, EU, AU, Thailand, and Japan as well.

Product highlights:
  • The product has absolutely NO preservatives, NO added MSG
  • Safe for the whole family, can be used for children from 1+ years old.
  • Can also be used for Vegetarian dishes.
  • JAPANESE TASTE: if you’ve ever been to Japan and enjoyed local cuisine, you’ll be surprised that Dashi Lab’s products made in Vietnam can still keep the delicious taste of Japanese cuisine.

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Product Name Japanese Kabayaki Sauce
Ingredients Sugar, Soy sauce, Ryourishu Umami, Water, Kombu extract, Thickener (1422, 415), Coloring (pure caramel), Powder treatment agent (1100(i)). This product contains soybean, wheat. 
Packing Plastic bottle with cap 340g

Aluminum bag 80g

Aluminum bag 1kg

Usage instruction Use to marinate meat, fish, seafood, vegetables for grilled dishes to your liking. Apply some more sauce near the end to add a nice shine to the dish!
Storage condition Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. After opening, store in the refrigerator and use as soon as possible.
Shelf-life 12 months from MFD
Origin Vietnam
Product quality responsible by Dashi Lab Co., Ltd
Distributed by IGM Vietnam Co., Ltd

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Tel: 028.3848.0398


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