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Japanese Konjac Soba Noodles Ogawa Seimen 450G


Mì kiều mạch Soba khoai nưa Konjac cao cấp thương hiệu Ogawa Seimen!


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Konjac Soba noodles are a special combination of Soba noodles and Konjac (Konnyaku) to increase the smoothness and give a more interesting taste to Soba noodles.

This is also one of the options for dieting, eating Keto, a Low-carb diet since it contains buckwheat flour and Konjac to help the body reduce starch absorption. In addition, Konjac also helps reduce cholesterol, control blood sugar, increase intestinal health, and support the digestive system.

In addition, Soba Konjac noodles also have a shorter cooking time than other types of noodles, helping you to prepare meals quickly and conveniently on busy days.

Highlights of Premium Japanese Konjac Soba Noodles Ogawa Seimen 450G:
  1. OGAWA SEIMEN BRAND Since 1887: Over 130 years in the history of the noodle industry in Japan. Traditional noodle recipes are made in modern production lines and are strictly controlled by skilled artisans.
  2. Using top-quality wheat flour from countries (USA, Canada, Australia) to bring out the best noodles with outstanding quality.
  3. Only buckwheat flour and konjac powder of Japanese origin is used.
  4. This product has absolutely NO preservatives, NO synthetic colors, NO artificial flavors.
  5. Safe for the whole family.
  6. Can also be used for Vegetarian dishes.



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