Với sứ mệnh mang hương vị Nhật lan tỏa trên cả thế giới, Dashi Lab là thương hiệu gia vị được làm nên từ những thành phần thơm ngon, xuất xứ Nhật Bản.


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Dashi Lab uses “Dashi” as a base of many of our products. “Dashi” is the foundation of Japanese cuisine and also one of the most important ingredients. Traditionally, Japanese people often use dried fish (Tuna, sardines), seaweed, vegetables (kelp, shiitake mushroom) to make broth called “Dashi”.

Our Dashi is made by extracting from natural ingredients such as a variety of dried fish and dried kelp (kombu). These ingredients contain many amino acids and nucleotides, which are the main substances that build up the “umami” taste. Umami taste creates the richness and depth for flavor by combining with other basic tastes such as sweetness, sourness, saltiness, and bitterness.

Besides “Dashi”, we also use Japanese naturally fermented soy sauce, miso paste (Japanese fermented soybean paste), seafood extracts to develop a world of flavorful Japanese seasonings and condiments.

We welcome you to explore with us!

Uphold & preserve the essence of traditional flavors

Dashi Lab’s products are manufactured in Vietnam following the process, technology, and quality of Japan, along with the motto of promoting and preserving the essence of traditional flavors.

Vision & Mission

With the mission to bring delicious Japanese cuisine to Vietnam and all over the world, Dashi Lab is constantly researching and developing products to suit Vietnamese consumers while still retain the delicious flavors as in Japan.